viernes, 9 de mayo de 2008

Unison y Binacom

En abril de 2005, se realizó en Hermosillo, Sonora, México, el XIV Encuentro Binacional de Comunicación, auspiciado por la Asociación Binacional de Escuelas de Comunicación (BINACOM)
La sede fue la Universidad de Sonora, y al Encuentro asistieron alrededor de 500 académicos y estudiantes de 10 instituciones universitarias de Estados Unidos y México.
Esta aventura del Encuentro de Binacom en la Unison, inició en agosto de 2002, cuando la Universidad de Sonora fue admitida como miembro de BINACOM, en una reunión de trabajo realizada por la asociación, en las instalaciones del San Diego City College (SDCC). En ese entonces, tuvimos la oportunidad de dirigir un discurso alusivo a tan importante evento de viculación:

Working reunion , august 23th 2002.
San Diego City College.

Dear colleague professors:

First of all, I would like to thank you for invitating the University of Sonora to participate in this Binacom working reunion, I would like to mention that we appreciate the special support received by the presidency of Binacom, by means of Hope Shaw, to make possible and a reality our presence here today.

For the University of Sonora, the action of linking and cooperation among educational institutions are of vital importance in times of cultural and economical globalization in which the majority of our countries and communities are inmersed. As a consequence, being able to work for Binacom, is for our educational institution (wich by the way it will celebrate its 60th anniversary of academic life in october) an excellent opportunity for linking our interinstitutional work, in teaching activity fields, the work of the cultural extensionism and investigation projects.

As many of the present here might remembered, the University of Sonora has constantly assisted to the annual Binacom reunions, since the one realized in San Diego City College in 1995. Since this reunion, we have kept a renewed interest of getting involved more directly with the work an projects flowing from Binacom. We think that we make give a big step if Binacom accept us as another member institution of the Association, with all the rights and obligations that this implies. The authorities of our institution have a special interest that in a short period of time we may concrete this proposal. We would ask to this Assambly to indicate us the pertinent actions to be taken to make this petition a reality.

Finally, we reiterate our optimism that such important spaces as Binacom may in a near future fructify with more links of cooperation among all of us that as proffesionals and professors that we are, we have no doubts of providing our best efforts for such noble project, the Binational Association of Schools of Communication.

Thank you very much

Luis Felipe Larios Velarde
University of Sonora

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